Henry Forester
President, CEO

Since 1985, Henry has been building, selling and servicing PC based systems to various businesses. As a business owner himself, he has a clear perspective on the unique technological requirements that are necessary to operate a business in an efficient and profitable manner. He leads a talented group of programmers, IT professionals and network specialists while being a very “hands-on” manager to ensure a high level of client satisfaction.

He is a past Commander of Del Vets Post #2, a Life Sponsor of Ducks Unlimited and is currently a director of the charity organization “It’s All Good in Delaware”. Henry loves the outdoors and can be found hunting, fishing, golfing or just relaxing in his country setting. Conservation and community service are a big part of his life and he continues to work with a variety of businesses and charities to further these goals.

Michelle R Condon
Sr Programmer / Analyst

B.S. in Computer Information Systems, Wesley College, Dover, DE.

Michelle is one of the founding members of Bits & Bytes, Inc and brings over 20 years of technical, marketing and project management experience to our clients. Her in-depth approach to projects ensures a solution that works right the first time.

Michelle is a FoxPro/SQL Programmer specializing in Accounting applications and database management.  Her vast programming experience includes customizing applications to tailor a system to the client's specific needs and and database repair/recovery.  Michelle's expertise also includes software and operating system installation, repair and troubleshooting, training, spyware and virus removal, and system debugging for registry and system corruption.

When not working, Michelle enjoys spending time with her husband, Bill and two boys, Kyle and Alex. She is also an avid reader and loves nothing better than reading a good book while drinking hot chocolate.


Judi O'Brien
Information Technology Professional

Judi comes to us with a degree from Delaware State University, and has been a valuable technician with Bits & Bytes since 1999.  Coming from a background of commercial and fine arts, she brings a creative touch to her solutions and documentation. Having come to the IT field as a second career gives her insight into the fears that many clients feel towards technology, making her our chief hand-holder.

Judi works with a variety of clientele ranging from home users to medium sized businesses - providing computer, hardware, software and network administration support.  She is typically out in the field in client's offices, working with them to assist with networking, workstation problems, planning for the future, or compliance issues.

At home, Judi and her husband, Paul, are enjoying their empty nest now that her two daughters are on their own.  She is perfecting the art of being the neighborhood "Crazy Cat Lady" by spending all of her time doting on their multitude of cats.  She enjoys fine dining, and is believed to have been a food critic in a previous life.


Robert Monroe
Information Technology Professional

Bob brings a wealth of knowledge to the company from several areas of technology.  He has been a member of the Bits & Bytes family since 2003, and has been a computer expert in the Dover area since 1985.

His workbench is usually covered in parts of a printer that he's completely disassembled to see "what makes it tick," or several computers that he's working to repair all at once.  Bob loves to teach the youngun's how an electrical circuit works, to tell them why one computer is better than another, and won't hesitate to point out the correct way to fix a computer.

Bob spends his free time with his wife, Kathy, attending church functions, or acting in plays.  He is a retired Air Force pilot and enjoys researching information about the planes and places he used to fly.


Chris Messina
Information Technology Professional

Chris has been with Bits & Bytes since 1996 and brings several valuable skills to the company.  He started out learning computers in the text-only days of DOS and has since progressed through most modern graphical operating systems, including all versions of Microsoft Windows and several distributions of Linux.  His current operating systems of choice are Windows 10 and Kubuntu.

He is a masterful troubleshooter, able to attack problems from multiple angles.  Chris loves to come up with creative solutions for clients, and has been known to be very handy with a soldering pen.  Taking things apart to see what makes them tick is only one of his many hobbies.


Debbie Caffo & Diane Willey
Office Staff

Debbie and Diane provide the infrastructure for the company - without them, the daily running of Bits & Bytes would quickly drown the rest of us.  They handle answering client phone calls, scheduling service calls for the technicians, accounts receivable and payables, and payroll.  When a client calls us, either Debbie or Diane are the voice at the other end of the phone.

Debbie and Diane bring great acquisition skills to Bits & Bytes.  When the technicians need that unique widget for a client, they can find it, no matter how old, how new, or how specialized it may be.