Bits & Bytes has been working with several of our clients in the medical field to ensure that their network and computer systems are as secure as possible. Government regulations are changing every year and requiring more and more security on those systems.  The EHR Meaningful Use program requires a Security Risk Assessment to be performed on your office each year that you attest.  Our Security Risk Assessment will analyze various aspects of your computer system and office policies, will identify potential areas of improvement, and will provide you with documentation that can be submitted with your EHR Meaningful Use attestation.

A key part of securing a system is performing a risk assessment of your computer system to identify vulnerabilities.  Once a risk assessment has been performed and key issues identified, a plan can be developed to address those issues to mitigate further problems.

Our risk assessment is based off of the recommendations in the governments Code of Federal Regulations for administrative data standards and health information technology.  We have been offering this service since 2013, and have found that our assessments have successfully withstood the scrutiny of the auditing agency employed by the government.

The cost of our risk analysis starts out at $750 for a single provider, single location practice.

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